Journal of the International Society of Sports and Nutrition

In seguito alla partecipazione al 8th Annual ISSN Conference and Expo Las Vegas, NV, USA. 24-25 June 2011, sono stati pubblicati i seguenti articoli:

  • – Rational management of food intolerance in an elite soccer club : Angelini et al.(2011a)
  • – Seasonal pattern of vitamin D in male elite soccer players: Angelini et al.(2011b)
  • – Oxidative stress vs hormonal profile in plasma and saliva: application in sport performance: Angelini et al.(2011c)
  • – Bioelectrical impedance vector analysis (BIVA) to evaluate seasonal variations in body composition of elite soccer players: Bonuccelli et al.(2011)
  • – Fluid balance and body composition analysis in female soccer players effect of the match: Gatteschi et al.(2011)

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